No Spam Policy

No Spam Policy that applies to you when you intend to send spam to an email address containing with the domain name is not interested in receiving email that does not relate and is not relevant to our business.

Please do not breached cyber rules, data dealing and unsolicited communication via the telecommunications rules.

Should you decide to email to an address containing; we will assume that you have read, understood and you have accepted our terms and conditions mentioned below.

Our legal terms and the contract for entering into email communication with us will apply once you send an email. This applies to commercial emails.

The content of the email must relate to advertising products that we can help you with or if you are interested in advertising on our website.

If you do not have valid excuse; please do not send us unsolicited commercial email.

If we receive commercial unauthorised unsolicited email relating to you and your business, you must accept responsibility for any of your associates, affiliates or marketing agents who is or are involved in promoting product, service, or business on your behalf.

By sending a spam you will force us to deal with your email communication and we needlessly have to spend our valuable time to respond to your commercial spam and it is absolutely justifiable, necessary and appropriate to charge you a reasonable amount of fee.

Our fee will depend on time we spend in dealing with your unsolicited email. Should you try to deceive or conceal your identity our fee will be increased accordingly in proportion to the time and effort involved to track down the sender.

Should you send us a commercial spam through possession of our any email addresses containing with the domain name “” buy bartering, buying, exchanging, or from distribution list from organisation or individual, we will send you an email pointing to our terms and condition in exchange you provide full details of your transaction in obtaining our email address or addresses. Any further spam will be subject to our charges.

You will be requested to make payment within 30 days from receiving our email notification. You will be issued with appropriate invoice, once your remittance is received.

In the event that any suit or action is instituted to enforce any provision in this contract, shall be entitled to all costs and expenses of maintaining such suit or action, including legal fees and cost.

This contract shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties hereto and their respective heirs, successors, assigns, administrators, executors and other legal representatives.

Any action in respect of or concerning this contract shall be litigated solely in the United Kingdom and both parties consent to jurisdiction in the United Kingdom. This contract shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom. These terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with English law and all disputes shall be decided by the English courts.

Sending email to or copying to or blind copying to any email address containing the domain name “” or similar actions by your affiliates, agents or associates, constitutes voluntary acceptance of these terms. If you deliberately send further spam knowing our terms and conditions, there will be a charge for every subsequent spam plus other legal and court charges.