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Speakers, Waterproof wireless speakers for the outdoors, High-performance subwoofers, Car and Hi-Fi-products, Hi-Fi sound-systems, Condenser Microphones.

Auna provides online a wide range of electronics and Hi-Fi products for home and on the go since 2007.

Auna enables an optimal sound experience with the best price-performance ratio for all the family.

Free delivery, 60 day cooling off period on Wide range of products.

HiFi Equipment in variety of eye catching designs.

Auna's wide product range features modern appliances with a wide variety of designs that will easily please the eye, even among experts. Let yourself be inspired by our high quality hifi equipment.

Hi-Fi system provides the best combination, the high performance components and stylish for the modern living environment.

Huge range of Hi-Fi amplifiers ensures optimum sound quality and guarantees surround sound.

Entire range of Modern designs Hi-Fi receivers for home and for the road and is compatible with all modern formats.

Record Players - Turntables offer an aesthetic combination of proven technology and modern innovation in various designs. Both modern and retro versions are available, please have a look around!

Ghetto Blasters, modern design features rich sound.

Stereo Systems combine all the key media of the 20th and 21st centuries into a compact exterior. Whether noble and fashionable, charming or nostalgic, there is something for everyone with our diverse selection of stereos.

Mini Hi-Fi high-quality micro systems compact all-rounder space-saving have a variety of connection types, allowing for easy playback of all popular formats.

Karaoke systems are compatible and versatile, easy to use, sing along to your favourite songs and take your mp3 files with you.

Radios are available in variety of features and in different designs and colours.

DAB + Radios there are many radio stations broadcasting in DAB in high clear sound quality.

Internet Radios, quickly and easily access all of your favourite radio stations, simply with an internet connection!

Retro Radios with cutting edge technology packed in to classic designs.

Radio Recorders offer many features, CD player, Cassette player including Radio, all in one. Direct playback from USB sticks is also possible!

Hi-Fi Speakers available in a wide range with guaranteed optimum sound. Auna speakers can be used as part of a home theatre system, or alternatively provide you with comfortable on the go music.

Floor Standing Speakers - Our excellent stylish and power tower speakers provide optimum sound quality, packaged in a modern design.

Bookshelf Speakers - Decorate your shelves with the compact and strong sounding Hi-Fi speakers will fit seamlessly into your Hi-Fi system and provide a rich soundscape.

Hi-Fi low resonance active stylish subwoofer guaranteed a powerful sound, perfect bass-strong complement for your stereo speakers.

2.1 Speaker System - Two compact speakers and a bass-heavy subwoofer. The 2.1 speaker systems ensure an optimum sound experience in your own home.

5.1 Speaker System ensures a perfect sound experience. Effortless and powerful, sound systems will help to bring a balanced sound to your home.

Bluetooth Speakers - listen to music from your Smartphone or tablet. The Bluetooth speakers guarantee unlimited freedom of sound. The wireless speakers’ enables deliver the perfect sound experience.

Sound bars with an elegant design deliver a wonderful sound. This complete 5.1 home theatre system can be enjoyed wirelessly!

Wireless Speakers offer powerful sound experience. We offer a wide range of wireless speakers, from complete 5.1 systems to small portable speaker sets.

Stereo Headphones – enjoy unrestricted sound experience whether Bluetooth or radio. Auna headphones transmit rich sounds wirelessly, to your ears.

Ear Headphones - Functionality meets fashion together they create perfect combination that can be both seen and heard.

Ear Wi-Fi Headphones - The wireless headphones guarantee maximum freedom of movement and a perfect sound. Connect your audio devices by radio or Bluetooth for a guaranteed barrier-free listening experience.

Microphones - are available in various designs for the most diverse level of professionalism. With our feedback-resistant microphones, you can record vocals optimally, whether speaking or singing.

Wireless Microphones - offers powerful sound and great freedom of movement. Fully unbound and wireless microphones allow for a powerful sound recording.

Studio Microphones - the best possible sound quality for your audio and voice recordings. Specialising in vocal and speech microphones with filter characteristics, you'll soon see how we showcase ourselves as powerful sound s.

Megaphones - get your message across loud and clear. You will be heard up to 2400 metres away. Weather resistant and equipped with versatile features, they increase overall undivided attention.

In-Car Entertainment discover optimal sound experience on the move.

Car Stereo and multimedia players are the absolute all-rounders! They offer a powerful sound experience, along with the best entertainment and multimedia connectivity in modern design.

Car Speakers provide great outstanding sound experience in your vehicle. Get the best possible results out of your car Hi-Fi sound. Choose from different sets of speakers and bass-strong Auna subwoofers.

Car Amplifiers - powerful sound on the go. Find a wide range of our strong sound units with different power levels, perfectly matched to your needs for the best car sound around.

Car Sound System - The Auna car Hi-Fi sets offer a perfectly matched combination of our car audio and entertainment components that can be seen and heard.

Multimedia range adds an exciting new dimension to your system. High quality screens and cameras provide sharp picture quality whilst providing an array of versatile functions.

LED Projector - Cinema feeling of the highest class with the LED projectors from auna. With up to 2800 ANSI lumens, your films, live streams or video games shine in a unique focus and make for an unforgettable experience anywhere.

Action Cams - Capture ski trips, beach holidays and other eventful moments on film with the action Cams. With 4K resolution, large battery and wide-angle lens, the auna action cams guarantee that no unique moments will be lost.

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