Mid, High Back and Neck Pain Relief

Mid, High Back and Neck Pain Relief, Back and Neck Pain Relief - Spinal Decompression Technology Designed to Actively Manage Chronic Low Mid and High Back Pain



• Unique patented technology suspends the users spine within the channel, lengthening the joints of the back and causing the spine to decompress.

• Designed by B.M. Luklinski of the Luklinski Spine Clinic in London. Established in 1969, the clinic has treated over 85,000 patients.

• The BackRack was specifically designed to address: all types of back pain, sciatica, hip pain, bulging/herniated/prolapsed discs, stenosis, nerve impingement, leg pain, and much more.

• During a series of simple guided exercises included with the BackRack, users should feel a noticeable decrease in pain even after the first use.

• Effective, safe and unique. The BackRack is constructed from high-quality ethically-sourced materials.

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