IT Security Software for all devices

IT Security Software for all devices to protect your computers and mobile devices against viruses and many other online criminal threats through the Internet


Internet Security software to protect Internet and mobile device against viruses and other online threats.

F-Secure is an online security and privacy company from Finland founded in Helsinki in 1988.

We offer security software to millions of people around the globe the power to surf invisibly and store and share stuff, safe from online threats.

We provide the best protection in the world; we are here to fight for digital freedom.

You need protection from hackers, Internet trackers and online spies.

We believe you should have the freedom to live your digital life without worry.

It's our passion for freedom that pushes us to create better products and services to enable and empower you.

For us, freedom is about making sure you are the one in control of your digital life.

Together with you, we're fighting for your digital freedom.

Reliability is at the heart of F-Secure's corporate values and our core business includes a strong ethical element.

The company's activities benefit society by protecting internet and mobile device users against viruses and other online threats that are produced by criminals.

F-Secure is a member of many industry organizations as well as national and international bodies that support the security of the public.

At the heart of everything our mission is to fight for digital freedom.

Although we're now a world leader in security, we've never lost the values we were established on – privacy, integrity, transparency and trustworthiness.

The battles have changed through the years.

Malware and other online threats evolve, but the fight remains the same.

We'll always be fighting for your security and privacy, for your digital freedom.

Internet security protection software for all your devices