Custom Computer, Server and Hardware

Custom Computer, Server and Hardware, trusted technology providers in the UK and manufacturer of Gaming, Desktop, Laptops, Workstations, Components and software

Novatech Ltd
Novatech Ltd

Novatech is the most trusted technology providers in the UK.

We supply Custom PC, Custom Laptop, Custom Workstation, Custom Server, Find PC Components, computer hardware, hard drives, storage, networking, barebone bundles, motherboard bundles.

Novatech has been providing technology for professionals and enthusiasts for over 27 years.

We give our customers all the technology, software and support that they need from one trustworthy source.

We build our own desktops, laptops and servers for home, for school, the office, and can supply thousands of essential products from other leading brands.

Our guiding aim is to let you get on with running your business or school without having to worry about your IT.

We aim to become your trusted partner to ensure that you get the right solutions, installed and working properly, on time and on budget.

We understand that buying the hardware is just the start, so we will give you all the services and support you need and because we own the entire process - from design, assembly and distribution; to sales, support and repair - we can and will look after you better than anyone else.

We simply, we take the hassle out of buying and working with technology.

Novatech supplies high quality products at the lowest possible prices with excellent customer service.

UK's top mail order computer suppliers employing over 150 people at our HQ in Portsmouth.

Descktop PCs available in Tower and Mini PC format for
Video Editing
Pro Graphics
Quadro CAD
Flight Simulator
Multi Monitor
Tesla Workstation
Gaming Intel, AMD and NVIDIA GeForce

Laptops for Home, Business and Gaming
Entry level
Everyday Use
High Performance

Servers - Tower, Rackmount - Workstation

PC Components

Tablets Android, Windows and NVIDIA Shield






Our second outlet is in Portishead, near Bristol, which has now become a popular and diverse outlet offering a secondary avenue for Novatech shoppers to buy products.

We have third outlet in Reading, proving our dedication to customer satisfaction and responding to demand.

We send thousands of orders to hundreds of computer users throughout the country.

We have the capacity to manufacture over 6,000 PCs and 4,000 Notebooks per month.

High quality computers, products and software at the lowest possible prices