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Cycles, Bikes, products & accessories from road racing to the pro-level athlete, mountain, commuters, leisure, children’s bikes, and for occasional joy riding

AW Cycles

Vast range Cycles, Bikes, products & accessories

One of the most respected independent cycle shops in the country.

Widest selection of bikes for all ages and riding styles.

Huge range to suit every type of riding style and everything from amateur and leisure riding to professional road/mountain biking.

Experienced, friendly staff offering expert, impartial advice and find you the best deal based on your needs, desires and budget.

Road racing, mountain bikes, commuters, leisure and children’s bikes, from the occasional joy rider to the pro-level athlete, we really do have something for everyone.

Offering very competitive prices.

Many of our products offer significant discounts on top brand Cycling gear.

Amazing after sales back-up service.

Please check your vast range of products before you decide to make purchase from elsewhere