Anti-Spam Policy

Anti-Spam Policy that applies to you when you intend to send spam to an email address containing with the domain name

By visiting or obtaining email address containing domain name you agree that you will not use our email address or addresses containing for illegal spamming and violating the Anti-spam laws in the UK. You agree that any email communication between you and will solely and legitimately be relevant to You also agree that you are not going to engage in any unauthorised illegal spamming.

You must confirm that you are not a spammer and are not engaged in spamming activities and your business is not involved in unlawful soliciting for business or in sending of advertisements for products and services. You, furthermore agree that you are not engaged in the manipulation of this website or its codes, and or committing acts of spamming, stalking, harassment, etc. in violation of laws in the United Kingdom.

You must also agree and confirm that you will not spam any email address containing, the persons there-of, or any other person using or the information contained there-in. does not and will not use any information available to us when you contact us legitimately for business purpose. It is not our policy to share your details and it will never be sold to any Third-Party. In the event, if we are asked by law, we will have no option but to hand over your details. We value your privacy, and our own, and do not sell email address and personal information or share it.

If you have access, computers, services and websites through human, non-human or associates, you will be considered as controller of these activities, you will be responsible and liable for the actions. You agree to be bound by these terms when accessing website.

Harvesting, gathering, storing, collecting, cataloguing or recording email addresses and transferring, selling exchanging, bartering with a third party; or sending any messages to the identifier constitutes an acceptance and subsequent breach of these terms.

All and any unsolicited requests for business or services unless where otherwise specifically stated is prohibited. The email addresses and methods of communication provided in this website are for the legitimate communications and for conducting of business between you and us and only for specific and relevant purpose and not for the unrequested solicitation for goods or services.

You agree these terms are subject to change without prior notice and agree to be bound by the changed terms.

You agree that any suit, action, or proceeding brought against you in connection with or arising from your breach of these terms shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom and relevant United Kingdom Court. You agree that you consent to the jurisdiction of these courts and to the venues there-of and agree that you will neither seek a change of venue nor challenge jurisdiction. You also agree and consent to electronic service of process regarding actions under the above agreements.