Local and Global Business Advertising

High quality full page cost effective way to advertise for only £5 a month, why own a website, advertise your business with us and save more money

Local and Global Business Advertising for £5 a month
Business-Horizon.com for local and global Low Cost Business Advertising Online - 12 months advertising for just £60

Online advertising is by far the most efficient and cost effective way to reach out vast audiences 24/7, 365 days a year from all modern devices.

Advertisement which is simple, easy to read and easy to understand always attract more attention.

There are many different type of advertising.

Banner advertising looks good but generally ignored.

Pay per click expensive way to get small amount visitors.

Banner exchanges, why advertise someone else’s business.

Emails will normally be considered as spam and you may end-up being reported to your IP providers.

Any wrong doing and your website will be banned from major search engines.

Standalone website

Standalone website is difficult to find and will not be able to generate enough visitors to your website.

Make your present on Internet.

1. Can I advertise?
Of course yes if you meet our criteria, it is cheap, high quality and have we been advertising for over 19 years. Have a look at our advertisers.
By advertising with us, you can do without owning a website and save money by not registering website name, designing and publishing cost.

2. What you need to provide us to create to your webpage?
We require comprehensive information to design your webpage, images and logo if you have one and further instructions if necessary. Once your webpage is ready and acceptable by you, your page will be published.

3. How much does it cost?
The annual fee is just £60 fully inclusive, which equates to £5 per month (probably less than your launch every day!).
This is the only amount you pay for a full 12 months advertising and no other charges.

4. What do you get for your £60 fee?
Genuine trouble free advertising
Full webpage of advertising
Updates and modifications when necessary
2 banners – size 728x90px and 300x250px
1 logo 120x60px
All necessary product information
Your Contact details as you require
Any other information that is vital to your business

5. When your advert will be published on Internet?
Once you agree and accept that your webpage is as per your requirement for publication
Your confirmation in writing that information you have provided about your business is genuine and images you have supplied belongs to you and not the copyright images or work of someone else.
When payment is received from you
6. Our promise to you
We provide the best possible work and service in publishing your details on the Internet. We also where possible try to advertise you details with other company website.
When require we will make changes to your webpage at no extra charges.
We are always happy to help; all you need is to tell us.

Advertise with us to increase awareness and improve your business.

We can solve all your advertising needs which will be cheaper than having your own website.

We do not promote violence, pornography, discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age. Business-Horizon decision will be final in accepting or rejecting any sites that we may consider not suitable for our website.

Get much more value for your money

We have been advertising on the Internet since 2001.

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